1930 Master Plan

      The original 1930 Master Plan for Flamingo Park included 24 tennis courts, numerous sport activity areas and attractive circular walkways.  However, many features from the orignal plan were abandoned and the park was instead built on a “shoe string”.

     City Manager, Mr. Renshaw, presented the Flamingo Park  Comprehensive Plan at the July 9, 1930 Council meeting, suggesting that all the work in the future be done in accordance.  Instead, the council voted to authorize the City Manager “to spend not exceeding $3,000 from the Park Budget Fund towards purchasing the plantings of trees and shrubbery in conformity with said plan”.   

     Other 1930 facts; the issuance of bonds in the amount of $900,000 was approved by voters 103 for, 36 against,  to purchase the Municipal Golf Course (today called Miami Beach Golf Course) from the Alton Beach Realty Company. The sum total of taxable property in City of Miami Beach was $49 million.